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The APP tax refund feature was released yesterday

The available registration of a person's recognition may provide electronic tax payment and electronic tax return

Yesterday, the special additional notification information for refusing information about APP personal income tax software developed by the State Tax Administration was put into use. The most important reporting function for reporting additional taxpayer refusal information in the APP is open to the public. The Beijing youth daily journalist learned that the taxpayer can now fill in personal personal information for rejecting the mobile APP side from the "personal income tax", the Internet WEB end, the client who keeps and the tax office. Previously, the APP "personal income tax" is available for download to larger application stores, but the function of the Special Distinctive Module module, which received the most attention, is not open.

APP "personal income tax" can also provide electronic tax and electronic tax services. At the same time, taxpayers can also check the manner of handling information collection, reporting, tax collection, tax collection and other services with which they were handled at any time by mobile phones, which is equivalent to an "electronic tax bureau" which they carry with them.

Preparation 1

Registration of a person's recognition must

Hold a resident ID card

According to the Beiqing Daily, all major app stores have already provided APP acquisitions of "Personal Income Tax", while at the same time increasing the scope of downloading various related tax applications. However, users should be reminded that the State Tax Administration only launches a "Personal Income Tax". There are also many applications for "tax assistants" for commercial development, which need to be identified before users are downloaded. Because tax information relates to personal privacy and property security, users should carefully consider, not arbitrarily send personal data into unreliable APPs, so as not to pose a security risk.

The Beiqing Daily journalist has been very successful in taking APP's "personal income tax". However, some mobile phone systems currently include it as "unknown sources" and require additional confirmation by the user for successful installation.

Users need to register before using APP on personal income tax. There are two ways to register: registration of the salon registration and registration of a person's identification. In the registration method of the registration code, you need to obtain a registration code by holding a valid ID card to the tax office, and then you can complete the registration of the APP. Registration for person recognition must be used by the taxpayer who owns the resident identity card. After completing the ID number and the name, a comparison of the person can be made.

Upon completion of the registration, the user should also improve personal information, including basic information and the enjoyment of the offer. It should be noted that the preferential information available here does not refer to special additional refusal information, but is limited to the three tax incentives for "disability", "force" and "old age". Upon completing the completion of personal data, the user may discover that the unit information is automatically generated in the "employment information" column, including the name of the unit, the taxpayer identification number and the date of employment.

Preparation 2

Prepare the information before completing the special additional rejection

The new "Special Supplementary Information Measurement" yesterday was undoubtedly the biggest emphasis on APP on Personal Income Tax. "Special additional information on rejection" includes modules for children's education, continuing education, extensive medical care, housing loan interest, residential rentals and a special reduction for the elderly. It should be remembered that since the module requires the user to fill out some relevant information, it is best for the user to prepare the relevant information before completing the report, so as not to find the time to delay the filling.

For a "special additional rejection for children's education," information on child education should be prepared before the report: including the education phase, education time, etc., the child's and spouse's registration number, and can also be selected such as retaining the retention of personal income tax. Full name of the debtor and a unified social credit code.

For "Continuing Education Special Rejection", you need to prepare information on continuing education before completing the report: including education information (degree) for continuous education, such as the education phase, entry time, graduation time, information on Continuing education for vocational education: including the type of education, certificate name, certificate number, issuing authority. Users may also choose to fill out the full name and unified social code of the agent who retains the previous income tax.

For "Special additional deduction of interest from a housing loan", a certificate of property right must be prepared before filing: including a certificate for property law, a certificate for registration of real estate, a contract for sale of a housing, a pre-sale agreement, loan agreement: must be filled in according to the loan agreement. Users may also choose to fill out the full name and unified social code of the agent who retains the previous income tax.

For "special additional rental deductions" you need to prepare house rental information before completing the report: get the contract number, the house rental address, the information of the mercenary, the main workplace (to fill in the level of city). Users may also choose to fill out the full name and unified social code of the agent who retains the previous income tax.

For "special additional deduction for support of the elderly", it is necessary to prepare the information of the dependent person in front of the report: including the information about the ID card, the date of birth (the dependent should be older than 60 years), information for a joint supporter: including identity card information, date of birth, If it is the only child, this item should not be filled. Users may also choose to fill out the full name and unified social code of the agent who retains the previous income tax.

There is no need to fill in "special disposing of the treatment of major diseases" at the moment, but wait until the taxpayer has settled the payment in the annual settlement. However, the information to be prepared before the end of the project has also been published. The contents of the report include patient information: information about the medical costs incurred by the person and the spouse, the minor and the patient's documents also require the amount of personal burden and the total amount of medical expenses to be filled in according to the appropriate medical qualifications.

Preparation 3

Initial information must be stored for long-term inspection.

It is important to remind you that although the relevant information will be permanently stored after submission, the originals of taxpayers of these materials should be kept long and ready for inspection. In this regard, the relevant person of the State Tax Administration explained that the biggest feature of the "special additional deduction" in the new tax regulations is that it is realized through self-declaration. This new tax policy will establish a new model for collecting and managing taxes based on the assumption of a declaration of integrity. And the tax authorities, advocates and taxpayers face new research and new attempts.

"In this process, there will inevitably be cases when someone uses a false declaration to avoid tax." In this regard, the relevant entity of the Beijing Tax Bureau in an interview with the Beaker Dneil correspondent said that future tax authorities would adopt a verification method after an expert report. Reduce the problem of tax evasion. Therefore, the taxpayer should not submit the relevant documents to the tax authorities when the separate additional refusal report, but if the tax department needs to carry out the verification then the taxpayer should be able to provide the retained documents for further reference.

Preparation 4

Last year's bonus was not included

Comprehensive income tax

With the change of old and new tax policies on January 1, 2019, how to calculate the 2018 bonus issued by many units in 2019 has become a matter of concern for many people. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Administration jointly issued the "Notification of Linking Preferential Policies Following the Revision of the Personal Income Tax Law", clarifying the issue of convergence of various preferential policies, such as one-off bonus for the whole year. The notification is clear that before December 31, 2021, individual residents will receive a one-off bonus for the whole year, which will not be included in the comprehensive income of the year. The annual one-time bonus income will be divided by the amount received for 12 months, according to the monthly table for tax rates attached to the notice. Set the applicable tax rate and quick deduction, and calculate the tax separately. However, from January 1, 2022, this part of income should be included in the comprehensive income of the year for calculating and paying personal income tax.

According to a report by Beijing Beijing Daily 12366, the Tax Service Center, although a holiday, has increased the number of taxpayers' demands, and the percentage of tax issues has increased from 10% to 30%. Most consultants are taxpayers. According to the person in charge of the Tax Center in Beijing 12366, current taxpayers are concerned about specific additional deduction policies for elderly people, rent and loan, as well as specific operating methods of refusal. (Reporter Zhang Chin)

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