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A small step for Wu Lei, a big step for Chinese football


"The hope of the whole village" officially joined the Spanish club Barcelona


A small step for Wu Lei, a big step for Chinese football

Wu Lei officially appeared in the Spanish club and opened the trip to Europe.

■ Reporter Chen Haixiang

Sixteen years ago, an inconspicuous boy came to the strange island of Chongqing. Sixteen years later, he set foot on El Prat stadium in Barcelona. "At that time, I was full of shame for my future, but the other side was nostalgia for my hometown." Recalling the place where he went to Chongqing, Wu Lei said his heart was filled with expectation and reluctance. And that complicated feeling may not be different from that time.

Early in the morning in Beijing, Wu Lei officially appeared in the Spanish club and opened a new trip to Europe. For the best Chinese striker of today, there is one biggest difference between the two swings for 16 years: 11 years left for Chongming, Wu Lei is working hard for his future, but now he will also take over China. Great responsibility for the name of football. Wu Lei very firmly said at the meeting: "I want to show my ability and to perceive the world that Chinese players can also stand in the top five leagues."

In the ten years after the Sun Jihai, no Chinese player can stand firm in the five biggest leagues in Europe. In the context of a possible talent in Chinese football over the next five or even ten years, Wu Lei, who does not want to win high honors in the Chinese Super League, This small step is a big step in Chinese football. Just as Chinese fans mount slogans at the stands at El Prat Stadium yesterday: "Wu Lei, hope of the whole village!"

There are concerns in the domestic expectations of public opinion

In an interview, Chen Haoyuan, president of the Shanghai Port Group, revealed the information that "the Spanish club has promised to give Wu Lei a top position in the team," but at a high-end competition at the highest level, similar commitments often represent the rush of the fast situation. Change. Therefore, when Wu Lei put on a blue and white Spain jersey, domestic public opinion had a heated discussion of his prospects.

"Beijing Daily" is mentioned in the report that the challenges that Wu Lei will face are full of unknowns, especially in La Liga, which is hardest for Asian players to stand. "In the five biggest leagues in Europe, La Liga is definitely the toughest league For the Asian players, only Iranian player Nekonan and Japanese player Gan Guoshi were very successful. Apart from these two, other Asian players travel only to La Liga. " Zhang Chengdong, who has a brief history of La Liga, is quoted in the article as saying "domestic competition and the biggest gap in La Liga are reflected in the rhythm. In addition to adapting the rhythm, Wu Lei also needs to" adapt to the new an environment as soon as possible and receive recognition from coaches, teammates and fans. "

Worried that Wu Lei faced difficulties in the rhythm of the game, "Guangzhou Daily", the newspaper said that "the Spanish people have visited Wu Lei, which proved that Wu Lei has no problem with the ability, only the Super League and La Liga Rhythm is completely a two-tier concept, and Wu Lei should observe and study well during this period. "

"澎湃 新闻" believes that the real test can start from next season. "Wu Lei proved he is the best player in China in the past few years. He is at the earliest age, and Wu Lei in the end Wu Lei's victory also makes him rest awhile, and if he can return to the end In the season, after the Spaniard will complete the relegation, Wu Lei will definitely get several chances to play. His real challenge will begin next season when he needs to win the head coach and teammates. "

Sports Weekly said that when the outlook of a foreigner Wu Lei leaves the country, the situation may not be as optimistic as some fans think, but that does not have to be too pessimistic. "Although Spanish strikers are superior in strength, they should pay but they have only three goals in the first team.The last few La Liga leagues (the Spaniard's nickname) have signed the team of B. Campsano in a big list. Wu Lei squeezed He entered the list and is not yet a problem to think about it. "

Mainstream of Western media welcomes it

Wu Lei's stay in the ocean has made enthusiastic domestic fans, and La Liga's stadium has established a Chinese player, which has also become a hot topic in local media discussions.

The Spanish "Pioneer" wrote an analysis of Wu Lei's entry. The newspaper believes that although Wu Lei is very strange about European football, he is a legendary figure in China. He even said that from the data, Wu Lei is like Messi, and the style of play is like David. Villa. "An increasingly powerful foreign aid cloud concentrates on the Super League, but Wu Lei is still the most capable shooter." He scored 27 goals in the last season to win golden gloves and won the best local shooter for six consecutive seasons. Wu Lei can flexibly appear around him to help the offensive. However, Wu Lei is currently injured and can be restored. At the same time, "Pioneer" also published a public opinion survey, the results show that 77.8% of fans believe that the introduction of Wu Lei is a good signing, he can give the team a goal.

Spanish newspaper "National Daily" interviewed famous coach Manzano, who had been teaching in China for several years and the latter valued Wu Lei. "This player has made tremendous progress in recent years, he has become a full-fledged player, has goals and assists." Manzano believes that Wu Lei can adapt to Spanish football. "I think everyone needs Patience, as well as players from South America, Africa or European small leagues, this is a good player, he has a strong attack with Oscar and Hulk. It is a foreign player, he has broken this practice."

Some people are optimistic about nature and some sing "Aspen" is one of the Spanish media that is not optimistic about Wu Lei. "La Liga emphasizes technology, which is a major challenge for Wu Lei, the space for him will not be like As before. Secondly, it is a language problem, he should first learn Spanish."

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