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A Beijing Symposium held in different circles to learn and implement Kei Jinping's newest keynote speech on Taiwan-China News


(40 years in the cross-cutting) Beijing Forum held various forums to study and implement the latest keynote speech by Kei Jinping for Taiwan

China News Agency, Beijing, January 3 (Yang Chengchen, Li Yuxue), studying and conducting an important speech on the 40th anniversary of the publication of Secretary General Xi Jinping's "Reporting Taiwan Co-Founder" Secretary-General, the Symposium was held in Beijing on 3rd Taiwanese and Taiwanese organizations and party organizations from all walks of life in the capital, and more than 60 people from Taiwan-related scientists attended the conference.

"Both are both joyful and inspiring and they feel glorious and responsible." Beijing Taiping, President Gao Feng and others, attended a commemorative meeting in the Great Hall of the People of the 2nd. He believes Xi Jinping's speech is high, focusing on the overall situation, with leading and leading significance, and many content has further enriched themselves and improved Taiwan's policy for Taiwan.

Gao said that it is necessary to understand the theme of peaceful development of mutual relations, to understand the historical opportunity for the development of interethnic relations, to give a full picture of the advantages of the people's organizations and the favorable conditions for "family and nostalgia" and comprehensive promotion of economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Beijing and Taiwan. With the reunification of the great cause, new contributions were created.

Huang Ziyu, Honorary President of Taiwan Enterprise Enterprise Association, said that President Xi's speech reflects the "truth" and "honesty" and the heat of the sentence, inspiring Taiwanese and land-based compatriots to work together to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is achieved. The five proposals presented by Xi Jinping discussed the process of peaceful reunification of the fatherland from macro to micro.

"The reunification of the homeland is a trend of time and historical necessity." She said that as a Taiwanese businessman she will continue to care for the peaceful reunification of the motherland and the great cause of national rejuvenation in the future, she will support the national will and will strive to promote social integration and development on both sides.

Lin Qingfa, president of Beijing Jiean Tejing Trading Co., Ltd., during his interview said Xi Jinping's speech to more than 4,000 words at a commemorative meeting sparked a peaceful reunification on both sides of the Strait, and also blocked the path of "Independence of Taiwan. " In a report related to Taiwan at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the mainland issued "31 measures to benefit Taiwanese compatriots" last year and the implementation of support policies and important speeches by Xi Jinping.

He mentioned that the results of Taiwan's nine-in-one election at the end of last year showed that people from Taiwan, especially residents of central and southern countries, expect the mainland and the development of relations between the two sides. The media from cross-border ties have the responsibility to convey the customs, traditional culture and modern development achievements on the island of Taiwan, so Taiwanese who were not on the mainland will feel it.

Qi Ying, a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the United Front Labor Minister at the forum, stressed that the speech of Secretary-General Xi Jinping comprehensively reviewed the progress made in the interaction in the past 70 years and elaborated on the political proposal to promote the peaceful unity of the homeland in the national drive to drive. Program talk about the work of Taiwan in the new era.

Qi Ying pointed out that Beijing, as an area of ​​the first good, must effectively promote the implementation of measures "55" in Beijing, to provide equal treatment for Taiwanese compatriots in Beijing to study, internship, employment, entrepreneurship and life, to do practical things, doing good things, and solving difficult problems for Taiwanese contemporaries. Let the facts be made, the good things and the people of Taiwan have a sense of profit. (End)

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