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8 hours super 2016 full day double turns 11 provokes the Spaniards to complain that the ham is not enough to eat Spanish – Question and answer to Alibaba


8 hours super 2016 all-day double turn 11 provokes Spaniards to complain that ham is not enough

China News Net

Zhongxin Online Haihai from November 11 (Reporter Li Jiajia) In 2018, Tmall Double 11 achieved a good start, only 8: 8: 52, total turnover exceeded 120.7 billion yuan, which was much more than double the 11-day transaction in 2016. Total amount it is 5 hours faster than last year. In 2017, Tmall doubled 11 to 13:09:49 in the afternoon, total turnover exceeded 120.7 billion.

"Gradually, whether sellers in other countries sell goods to China through Tmall Double 11, or Chinese companies sell goods to the world, Chinese Tmall Double 11 is no longer discount sale, but more. More is a global exchange of goods." This is an observation of an American journalist on the occasion double 11 last year.

Tmall Double 11 in 2018. Additionally, it shows this development trend. The relationship between China and foreign countries, caused by double 11, creates more and more butterfly effects, and the chains of production and transport in the world began to change with this rhythm – Spanish pigs, French butter, Japanese corrugated paper, as well as the distribution of global air cargo aircraft has become part of the global Tmall Double 11 shopping subscription.

Tmall double 11 carnival, the power of Chinese food to buy, buy and buy, so that the French and Spaniards, who like the same love, feel a bit "square." Beginning in 2017, many Spanish and French media have focused on these unbearable news: China's huge demand has led to a constant shortage of French butter and Spanish ham, while French and Spanish do not eat their national characteristics. Gourmet.

Tmall data show that from 2015 to 2017, the most recent growth of Spain by 120% in Tmall is one of the fastest growing countries in Tmall. Spanish pork was delivered to almost 150 cities in China via Tmall. Last year, Spanish ham Tmall increased by 50% year-on-year, and during the Lama festival in December 2016, more than 20,000 hams were sold. This year's Tmall double 11 predicts that the sale of Spanish ham will continue to grow.

The British Daily Telegraph reported that Spain has increased its efforts to grow pigs to meet China's huge demand for Tmall Double 11. Over the last five years, pork production in Spain has risen by an average of 20% per year.

The history of Spanish pork is no accident, Tmall Double 11 causes a shortage of a large number of surrounding industries around the world, such as the cardboard industry. Although China has long overtaken Japan to become the world's second producer of corrugated paper, Chinese corrugated paper production is still due to the fact that Tmall Double 11 is expected to have more than one billion packages in 2018 and China's increasingly stringent policy on environmental protection. The demand can not be satisfied.

The Chinese side of Nikkei informed in October that the Chinese import demand led to a sharp increase in Japanese exports of used corrugated paper before Tmall double 11, thanks to which companies producing corrugated paper in Japan did not have available raw materials. Opposes exporters and local wholesalers, and even the media complained.

Along with the deepening of Alibaba's global strategy and the increasing demand of the Chinese middle class for high-quality foreign products, in recent years Tmall Double 11 has begun to increasingly influence the global freight transport model.

According to, the world's most well-known website for transport information, Tmall Double 11, 2018 will be the largest month for air cargo worldwide. Two weeks before Court 11, the freight rate on the Hong Kong-Los Angeles route increased by 26.3%, and the freight rate on the Shanghai-Europe route increased by 17%. According to Freight Investor Services, this is a record November. Freight prices from Europe to North America remained unchanged, and even slightly lower.

Sebastiaan Scholte, CEO of Jande Rijk Logistics, said that due to the global economic downturn, 2018 air cargoes were not as labor intensive as in 2017, but in the weeks preceding Tmall, the movement of air cargo began to grow significantly. . said that due to the huge demand caused by Tmall Double 11 and the growing number of imported goods from abroad, "almost all logistics carriers around the world were involved in this great festival!"

Tmall Double 11 is the best time for Chinese consumers to "buy the world". This year's double 11, the largest American retailer of sports shoes, the famous shoes of British retailers, the Japanese cosmetics brand Alibion ​​and other nearly 500 global brands for the first time in Tmall International, joined the double camp for 11 people. Today, Tmall International has introduced nearly 19,000 foreign brands in 3,900 categories in 75 countries and regions, over 80% of which enter the Chinese market for the first time. Tmall Double 11 has become the most important platform for foreign brands to enter China.

On the eve of the 11th International Import Exchange Alibaba Group CEO, Zhang Yongshuang, announced Ali's "big import plan" for the next five years: Ali will combine the power of the digital economy to achieve global imports of 200 billion dollars over the next five years. This plan will undoubtedly become the new engine of Chinese modernization of consumption, and will allow the global industry network to share the dividend of opening the Chinese market.

In the future, when Tmall Double 11 globalization goes further, more industries and more industries will emerge, as Tmall double 11 accepts changes in demand, changes in production, changes in competition, and even the entire industrial structure. Changes, there will be more and more foreign companies that will embrace and enjoy these "luck problems", include Tmall Double 11 and the infinite possibilities represented behind it. (End)

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