Monday , August 2 2021

2019 CBA All-Star Game released on-line published Yi Jianlian won the "King Qing" for two consecutive years – Xinhuanet Sports – Xinhuanet

  1. 2019 CBA All-Star match released on the line released Yi Jianlian won the "King King" for two consecutive years – Xinhua Net Sports
  2. The CBA Launched Lineup All Stars announced that Alian Guo Shao led the North and South District
  3. Is the enemy of Ah Lian's life still recognizable? A large circle of stomach + bucket belt … this fat man returned to the CBA – Mobile Honey
  4. CBA All-Star Game first issued a stove Yi Jianlian four-degree crowning alliance ticket king Sina
  5. Ah Lian 24 + 6 Guangdong five scored a double Lekstra Sichuan won four consecutive wins
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