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Financial News On November 30, the China Banking Association held a "Do not forget the original heart and enjoy customer service" in Beijing – 2018 Customer Service Committee annual meeting and remote bank summit forum. Pan Guangwei, party secretary and full-time deputy chairman of the China Banking Association, Guang Xueqing, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Lin Yunshan, director of the Customer Service Committee of the China Banking Association and vice president of China Minsheng Bank attended the meeting and held a speech, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of China Banking Association and customers Hu Zhongfu, full-time deputy director of the service committee, attended the meeting and read with comprehensive results from the evaluation of the Customer Service Center Customer Service Center in 2018. Executive Vice-Director of the Customer Service Committee of China Banking Association and Deputy General Manager of QQ and Management Department of China Minsheng Bank hosted a remote banking summit forum. The conference was attended by more than 260 members of the Standing Committee of the Customer Service Committee, representatives of departments and media representatives.

Pan Guangwei, secretary of the party committee and full-time vice president of the China Banking Association, pointed out in his speech that the banking industry customer service center has developed "smart" in recent years and has significantly developed. It gradually becomes an integral customer service experience center, embodied in four aspects: First, the ability to telephone services is continually improving, and second, the service channels are rich and diverse. The third is the intelligent application for customer service, and the fourth is the integration of service content. He pointed out that through the strengthening of financial technology, the client center of the banking industry faces three changes: firstly, using intelligent interactive technology on all media, it is gradually transforming from one center to a comprehensive platform, secondly, with the help of great technology for mining, gradually from the cost center Transition to Value Centers, the third is the use of artificial intelligence technology, which gradually shifts from intensive work to technology-intensive. President Pan said that the Chinese Banking Association's Customer Service Committee changed its situation and changed its situation. It was officially renamed as "Customer Service and Remote Banking", opening a new era of remote banking for the development of the banking services center. Compared to the traditional customer service center, the remote bank has realized three new advances in service channels, the scope of business and value creation. There are three important functions that assist the major strategic banks of commercial banks: Firstly, the remote banks are adapted to the needs of customers and help commercial banks. Strategic transformation, Secondly, remote banks seized service points and helped commercial banks to implement inclusive financial strategies, thirdly, distant banks have played an online asset to help commercial banks digitally transform their strategies.

In his speech, Guang Xueqing, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said that the ICBC Remote Banking Center will be dedicated to building a whole group and servicing the entire customer base based on respect for customer-centered and long-term customer service. It supports all service centers for full service, common connectivity centers and remote marketing centers.

Lin Yunshan, deputy governor of China Minsheng Bank, said in his speech that co-operation between banks is no longer a traditional, simple competition. Now it's an industrial consortium. Minsheng Bank is willing to exchange experience in remote banking and technology finance with its peers in the spirit of open sharing.

The annual annual meeting this year summed up the comprehensive assessment of the Customer Service Center in 2018. The conference leaders assigned 42 units to assess the ICBC Remote Banking Center (Shijiazhuang). Hu Jungfu, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Banking Association and full-time deputy director of the Customer Service Committee, suggested that all member units evaluate the work as an opportunity to seriously organize the typical experience and advanced concepts of standard units, implement industry service standards and effectively improve the level of management services. To comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of customer banking services.

At this annual meeting, the leaders of the meeting jointly launched the renaming ceremony of the Chinese Banking Association's Customer Service Committee. The Customer Service and Remote Banking Services Committee will be renamed as a new starting point, which implies that all members are customer-oriented, service-oriented, courageous in change, determined to innovate, to provide customers with better working experience and to create more value for the bank. Make a greater contribution to society.

At the forum for remote banking summit, Han Xusheng, deputy director general of the remote banking center of ICBC, Wang Xiaogang, Assistant General Manager of Service Merchants Bank Trade Center Merchants Bank, Fan Xiaolong, General Manager of Shanghai Pudong Bank Development credit cards for customer service and an assistant to the operational management department of China Minsheng Bank Wang Lei and Cao Xueyu, Senior Director of the Ping Financial Accounts Center, made excellent keynote speeches, fully demonstrating the strategic value and outcome the development of a new customer service center.

This conference, as an annual meeting of customer service and all members of the commission for remote banking, exchanges ideas and builds consensus, is of great importance for keeping the customer service center of the banking industry in order to adapt to the new situation in the operation of the customers and in the new era of high-quality development.

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