Monday , May 17 2021

YouTube Stories is now available for creators with more than 10 thousand subscribers

A big difference with other platforms is that these stories will be visible for seven days.

The YouTube team announced that the function of Stories on YouTube It is now available for all creators who have more than 10,000 subscribers on their channel.

It should be remembered that YouTube has long launched its own version of the famous "stories" with a selection of short videos called Reels, which was later renamed to YouTube Stories, although before today it was available only for a selected group of creators.

Stories on YouTube work in much the same way with other applications like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, although it emphasizes that instead of disappearing in just 24 hours, they will remain active for 7 days, and it will not be necessary to be a channel subscriber to have access to the stories.

The goal of YouTube Stories is that creators have a simpler way to communicate with their followers in these gaps while publishing more produced videos, noting that they can add text, filters, stickers, music and much more about your short videos.

Stories on YouTube

It is mentioned that from today, the option for commenting in the stories was activated, where it is possible to "like", "I do not like" or "I like" the opinion of the users.

The feature is already activated in several countries and the stories will be displayed at the top of the tab in the mobile app, although if you want to see stories about a particular channel, you need to visit their account.

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