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Young and adult males most affected by HIV-AIDS in China

01 December 2018, 06:59Beijing, December 1 (PRINCINA LATINA) China is focusing on fighting HIV / AIDS among young people and men over the age of 60, most prone to getting sick mainly because of lack of protection in their sexual intercourse, the National Health Commission said.

According to this entity, the country could reduce the incidence of this disease, further acquired through blood transfusion, and from mother-to-child transmission.

However, the risks of infection are high in young people and students, because they maintain a very active and usually unprotected sex life.

Official data contains three thousand average number of cases that occur annually in this sector, where homosexuals represent 81.8 percent.

The commission also cited the high prevalence of disease in men over 60 years of age to ignore the dangers of HIV-AIDS, maintain unprotected relationships, and avoid professional assistance.

This segment of the population increased from 8,391 patients in 2012 to 19,815 last year.

The government is working on strengthening educational campaigns, prevention and control between the two sectors, as well as in rural areas.

Statistics show that 850,000 people live with HIV in the country, of which 610,000 receive retroviral treatments.

By the end of September there were 262,000 deaths for that purpose.

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