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Younen Smith becomes a super sarian in "Goku", his new music video

Jade Smith becomes a Super Saiyan in

3 DEC 2018 / News

Will Smith's son is still trying to increase his career as a singer and has now presented his new song in which he claims to feel like a popular character.

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, the same one who tried to start a career as an actor from his work in films like Looking for happiness, the processing of Earth Day stopped and Karate Kid or science fiction By EarthIn the last years, another goal was set: he wants to follow his father's passage as a singer.

GOKU is the name of his new single, inspired by the classic saga of Dragon Ball Z and the song has a video clip that literally transforms it into a super sarian. And for a moment, Yaden shouts "feeling like Goku". The rest is most likely what can be expected of something like this.

Take a look at the video below.

To date, Heiden Smith has participated in songs such as "Never say never"With Justin Bieber and in 2017 he made the jump presenting his first album entitled" Sire ", arriving at Lolapaloosa Chicago.

Things to be Yad Smith.

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