Monday , October 14 2019
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"You do not have to believe in a second chance"

Former Miss Chile, Camilla Rekaberen, revealed she had voted for Michelle Bachelet, then Sebastian Pinera to be Chile's president. In both cases, he ended up repenting.

In an interview with the Clinic, a model and a television panelist said that "we can conclude that we should not believe in a second chance, either in politics or in love. You never should return," referring to the second presidential term.

"For the first time I did not vote for her (Michelle Bachelet), but in the second I said" I smoke, did a lot of bad things, but maybe this time she will learn more and make changes, "but she did nothing. In the second term she continued to do the same mistakes, neglecting the same, I was so angry, then I voted for Pinner and the same thing happened. All governments are all right, whether left or right, "he said.

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