Friday , May 14 2021

World AIDS Day: A British member declares HIV positive before his domination

It was a symbolic act, full of emotions. British Labor MP Lloyd Russell-Mile spoke to communities counting HIV, concluded ten years ago, among the applause of their masters who debated about health at the time.

Russell-Myle said that after living in fear of rejection from others, it has now become an advocate of the cause, so that HIV positive people are encouraged to live naturally and for those who are suspicious, let them do it. "It is better to live in knowledge than to you die in fear, "he warned.

He is the first deputy to announce his status in the House, and the second publicly announces that he has HIV.

Their linear boss Jeremy Corbin said he was "brilliant and historical" speech. The deputy received numerous demonstrations for support and congratulations on his courage.

Russell-Mile decided to make an emotional announcement on the eve of The 30th World AIDS Day which is celebrated this Saturday. And precisely, one of the main difficulties of the disease is the fight against social stigma.

The motto of the day this year is Get to know your status.

"There is still time to generalize HIV testing, to allow more people to receive treatment, to allocate more resources to prevent new infections and end stigma." At this critical moment, we must guide the right path. "Says UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the site dedicated to this day by the organization.

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