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Words dismissed by Juviera Suarez's husband: he assured he would choose again | Fun and shows

He farewell fervently with the desired journalist Javier Suarez, who was covered in the San Francisco de Sales de Vittacura, where the mass was held at 3 pm.

His relatives and relatives arrived early. His son, Pedro Milagos, did so in the hands of the journalist's sister, with whom he remained during the liturgy.

Christian, the husband of Javier, was the first to hold his speech, remembering his love story – like a fairy tale – and how he encountered this "incredible blonde that did not go unnoticed and who always joked," to which she stressed as a simple woman who wanted to have children and a family.

The conversation was not easy, he collapsed about four times, but tried to remain calm. So she told her the day they knew she had cancer, after which they sat on a bench and cried. Despite how difficult it is for them to live, he assured that if life brought him back to this situation, he will choose to be with her.

He also noted that Suárez faithfully believes in miracles, "he continued, Javier won the cancer without complaining." Finally, she assured her that she did not leave her pending and thanked her for life to give him this incredible time with her.

After leaving the altar, Ariagada touched the coffin and his father gave him a long and strong hug.

His mother, cousin and other close relatives also handed him words and everyone agreed on something: the quality of the character of Father Pedidito Milagros.

Near the end of the table, the song rang We will arrive on time, from Rosana, one of her favorites. Then, as the coffin came out, you could hear Say goodbye, she dances alone, with which they have begun the path to Park de Reserdo, where they will give her last farewell.

Recall that Jaivera lost his life last Wednesday after a three-year fight against cancer. Without a doubt, she was a fighter and an example for those who have this disease.

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