Saturday , July 31 2021

Women complain about poor presence of deliveries that resulted in death at San Borja Hospital | | National

While the Court of Justice of Santiago's Justice arrived three women of Venezuelan nationality to enter a lawsuit, in the Seventh Warranty Court.

The legal remedy is against San Borja Arrijaran hospital, accusing her Medical negligence and obstetric and xenophobic violencewhile they gave birth.

In particular, this is the case with two babies who, between March and December 2018, suffered irreversible neurological damage and another newborn who died in March 2017.

According to plaintiffs, the treatment they received before and after delivery was delayed.

The medical team would not act on time, adding to the fact that they would have been the subject of xenophobic comments "To be Venezuela".

Caroline Delgado, one of the victims of the situation, said her son suffered a series of complications, even with danger of death.

Umberto Angulo, the father of the deceased minor, said that the day he was born – and his daughter died – was called around 4:00 am to enter a cesarean section, but after Wait about 25 minutes they warned him that he was coming without heartbeat.

Lawyer Hector Muso, lawyer of the informant, directly accused health staff of not doing their job well because they did not have to use a caesarean section when they should.

From the premises they recognized the situation and they assured that the rejections are in the research stage.

Deputy Director Alejandro Casals, consulted on multiple accusations of this tone, admitted that another Venezuelan citizen would suffer the same treatment.

The health center, located on the Santa Rosa Avenue, is the one more deliveries for foreigners carried out between January and November 2018, with 3,433 out of 4,930 that were committed.

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