Saturday , April 17 2021

Without words: Moron broke in tears when he listened to his daughter for 28 years since receiving the liberation persons | Dale Albbo

An emotional moment in the highest degree was experienced in the FOX Sports Agenda program, where a special Colo Colo 1991 28 years after winning Copa Libertadores with Gabriel Coca Mendoza, Juan Carlos Peralta, Patrizio Janez, Leonel Herrera and Jose Daniel Moron.

The latter was surprised by the video of someone very special in his life and the same on June 5: when he turned around with his son, The parrot learned that his wife was pregnant with a girl, Mayra, the same that he publicly spoke to his father today.

"It's also a very special day because I found out that you would be your father for the second time. It's very funny, my mother spent four months not telling anyone that she's pregnant so she does not get nervous, so that she does not concentrate. And did everything that a pregnant woman did not have to do. I was stuck in the stands, I jumped, screaming like crazy. Obviously it should have been a distraction, "commented Moron's daughter in a nice note.

But now the director of Blanco y Negro on behalf of the Social and Sports Club Colo Colo could not withstand the tears when Maira continued. "They ask me how it feels to be the daughter of the great Daniel Moron, and I always tell them that more than proud, happy because he showed us from day to day that with perseverance, sacrifice can be accomplished huge things. I use this opportunity to tell you, Dad, that I love you with all my heart, I will choose you a thousand times, I chose you and I love you as a father, as a human being, thank you for everything you teach me and my brothers with my mom . Enjoy this day to the fullest, you deserve it, "he said.

His companions embraced him and also cried with emotion with him. Nothing like a family. Check out the tremendous moment:

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