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Winter depression, with reduced light

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There are people who feel sad in the season instead of experiencing desires for celebration and celebration; in winter, some individuals may feel bad, innumerable, powerless, and unproductive; This is due to the physiological processes associated with natural light.

According to Alonso Fernandez Gusti and Rebecca Reyes Serrano, researchers from the Department of Pharmacology in Sinvesta, there is a type of depression that is activated cyclically from seasons, called seasonal affective disorders (SAD), also known as the United States (seasonal affective disorder). ); evidence suggests the main cause of the seasonal decrease in the amount of sunlight.

Criteria for saying that you have a SAD is that depression should be limited to the winter season (with a full remission in the summer) for at least two years. The prevalence ranges from one to 10 percent, depending mainly on latitude.

Women are more affected by men in a ratio of four to one and is more common in young people. This condition is represented by a significant reduction of sunlight in winter.

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