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Why 2018 was a great year for mobile technology

Android 2018 summary

If something characterizes a server, with some criticism it analyzes a large part of the technological products that pass through my hands. I personally believe that in a market where the high spectrum costs about 1,000 euros and the average range of around 300 should not be generous because If the negative aspects of the product are not marked, the firm will never try to improve it. However, as a fan of technology, I can not help but get excited year after year, after seeing the innovations and innovations presented by the manufacturers.

2018 may look like a year more than the same. We saw a bit of refinement in terms of the terminals that were seen last year, but several products were able to release us wow. However, in my opinion, 2018 was a very important year in the key aspects that I will explain a few lines below, which is that some bases were set up that some of us have been asking for years. So we continue to collect the best thing that the signatures made in 2018, to close the year with good taste in the mouth and to face 2019 with a positive attitude and hopes that everything will continue to improve.

2018 is not bad, and I'll tell you why

There is a strong commitment to design

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 supports more than 600,000 landslides, and this is a test

The notch is the main protagonist in 2018, which doubt, however, We have found suggestions for a praise design. Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Oppo Find X, iPhone XR, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, OnePlus 6T … The companies have done everything possible to reduce the slopes, to bet on the materials premium and offer practically luxurious experiences at your fingertips.

Only time knows whether in 2019 sensors under the screen or holes are waiting for a temporary solution, but there is no doubt that it we are facing one of the most relevant times in terms of design changes, and looking at the positive side, we enjoy daily large panels at smaller terminals every day.

The Treble project helped, at least on the high-end

The project is high

This is the first year in which companies like Xiaomi manage to rebuild their high-end range – including the high-end range, such as POCO F1- in prudent times. OnePlus promised 3 years of upgrades – two big upgrades and three security patches, Huawei updates its full range of Android Pie, Nokia shows that mid range can also be updated, Honor has done its homework more than ever …

In small, but firm steps, we are moving to a less fragmented Android, in which at least the last terminals reported an update before the end of the year. There is still work, but we noticed a slight improvement.

Computer photography reaches its sweet spot

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL Lite will arrive in the US market in the spring

Google did such a thing with HDR + on their Pixel that while Apple decided to copy the system, creating its own Smart HDR. This allowed us to have smartphones such as Google Pixel 3 or iPhone XR on the market, terminals with one camera that offers better results than alternatives that triple them in terms of the number of sensors.

The software starts to be the protagonist in terms of photography, and that's it it is of little use to increase the number of sensors if the processing is much improved. The night mode is becoming popular, the portrait mode is already standard, and we have reached a point where terminals have difficulty at photographic level, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Companies have improved several key points


Samsung Galaxy Note9

If we talk about Samsung's high-end, Note variants were immersed in the well of mediocre autonomy. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was a clear example of this, showing a clear fear from the company to repeat the fatal error of useless, Galaxy Note7. With the ninth generation Note Samsung ended up with its complexes in autonomy, giving the Galaxy Note 9 4000mAh generous milliampers that put it in a privileged position in terms of battery life. Panel calibration has also been greatly improved, and while continuing to saturate slightly above alternatives like the iPhone XS, we can not deny that the company has with the best AMOLED panels found on Android.

Samsung is still committed to a unique design, showing that trends should not be followed to succeed on the market. Personality and consistency, the two keys of the South Korean company.

It is also relevant how the Galaxy catalog improved its camera. Perhaps this year they did not manage to get to the podium, it looked at the work done by Huawei, Google and Apple, but innovations such as the variable aperture or quad camera models like the Samsung Galaxy A9 show that Samsung is doing everything possible to bring different functions to smartphones Now they just have to refine the final result, which is important.


Huawei could become the world's second largest vendor

In the first quarter of 2017, Huawei P10 was introduced, a terminal that was not up to its competitors neither in power, nor in a camera, nor in a battery. Who would have thought that just a year later the generation of the P20 would put the company at the top of the Android podium, reaching the maximum exponent with alternatives like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The Chinese company took a leap that some expected, showing their desire to become number one in the world in 2019.

Huawei managed to position its high-end terminals on the podium of high-end Android. After a bit of caffeine 2017, the company aims to become the world's first manufacturer in 2020.

The pace of company upgrades has also improved, updating its large range to Android 9.0 Pie before the end of the year, and providing beta to several of its terminals the latest generation. Huawei's work with photography is progressing well with some expected improvements in the processing and depth of the portrait card, but with flexibility far above other rivals

EMUI is still a draw, but it is quite useful ROM, with a relative respect for the reporting system, and high performance for which we can not complain. It remains to be seen how its evolution will be in future versions, but there is no doubt that they are in line with the progress.


Sony Xperia XZ3

I already played. Sony finally made the jump of OLED technology with its Xperia XZ3, managed to create one of the best screens that were ever viewed on a smartphone. At the design level, although there is always space for the subjective component, it is not disputed that evolution over the previous generation is remarkable, leaving aside excessive slopes and adapting more to current requirements.

The Japanese firm continues with the camera as a problem in question, but managed to improve its results Regarding the latest generation, and introducing new features, such as 960 FPS shooting in Full HD.



LG G7 ThinQ is probably the most underestimated high end market, but it does not cease to be a recommended purchase. A terminal that competes without any problem with other high-end alternatives, and whose Amazon price is less than 419 euros. LG continues with the battery and the camera as a pending problem, but offers complete alternatives that adjust the price at a time, are recommended.

It remains to be seen how they will face 2019, the year we would like to see greater presence of the V band in our country, alternatives that top the practically any of their direct rivals, but quite unsurpassed in our country.


Xiaomi is the third most influential brand in China in 2018

Xiaomi has expanded its presence in Spain, as well as its terminal catalog. Although the number of launches is still too high in our opinion, most of the alternatives they offer are recommended, to such an extent that in the middle range there are several alternatives to this company. Terminals like Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite show that you do not have to spend more than 250 euros to have a satisfactory experience, which is the average range of 350 or 400 euros.

Xiaomi continues to show that you do not have to spend too much money to have a good smartphone. The company increases its presence in our country and continues to expand its catalog with more than interesting options.

On the other hand, Mi Mix is ​​still a synonym for innovation, and Xiaomi Mi 8 came to offer – today – a great experience almost a premium of less than 400 euros. Xiaomi has it all become a third global company for several years, and we are convinced that time will prove to us that we are right.


Oppo Find X

Oppo arrives in Spain in 2018 with alternatives such as Oppo Find X. This is one of the terminals that surprised me most in 2018, for its spectacular design and facial recognition – the best that exists in Android, in my opinion. Regardless of the price, it is a reason to celebrate the arrival of an Asian company in our country, expanding consumer preferences and showing that at the moment different terminals can be made.

A company that has yet to get a market base, but which is interesting terminals, with a design completely different from other competitors and with a clear intention to continue betting hearts on Qualcomm.


OnePlus: the preferred brand of users, over Samsung and Apple

OnePlus managed to consolidate its position in Europe and offered two of the most complete alternatives in the high range. The OnePlus 6 and its 6T variant are two of the most renowned high-end mobile phones today, offering a performance a bit more superior than that of the majority of its rivals at a lower price.

The camera and audio are still his big unfinished business, but the performance, the ROM and the updates it receives, makes us give them extraordinary to their terminals. OnePlus will continue to grow during 2019, and the only thing we are looking for is consistency with the price, because maintaining the price-quality relationship is part of its essence, and at some point it should reduce annual increases.


Motorola Moto G6 Rear

Motorola went quietly and dizzy in this 2018 year. We have not seen an alternative alternative in the company, something they would like. However, they continued their work in the middle of the range, betting on clean software and appropriate accessories and necessary in order not to hinder the user experience.

By 2018, we asked Motorola for a faster pace of upgrades and a little more ambitious bet on the hardware. The company has completed its homework this year, but we are confident they can do even better.


Nokia X5 Concept

Nokia is one of the companies for revelation in 2018. Your Android One bet on the entire terminal catalog is worth the applause, and have one of the best refresh rates in the middle and low range. To bet on Nokia is to bet on guaranteed updates for two years, receiving them in careful times. A feature that makes them dazzling over other rivals, but this does not replace defects such as the camera.

In 2019 a new Nokia 5-camera camera is waiting for us. A pledge we hope to revolutionize the Android landscape – At least on the level of functionality, not on the results – and show that the company has room for innovation.

Summing up

The Galaxy S10 will be the first phone with a fingerprint reader under the Samsung screen

In summary, 2018 is the merger of dictionaries, improvements in upgrades, crazy suggestions in the design and extension of signatures like Xiaomi, Oppo or OnePlus. From year to year skepticism can make us think that improvements are minimal, that the ceiling is reached in the high range and that the uncertainty about the future of smartphones is growing. From another point of view, the technology we have at any time is better. Improvements, although not significant compared to previous generations, do nothing but show that we are getting closer and closer to accomplishing perfect machine.

We are facing a positive attitude in 2019. Samsung is waiting for us with a big change in design in the S10, Xiaomi intends to expand further from our country, Sony will continue to improve in design, OnePlus will bet on power and continue to improve its multimedia parts, Nokia may be the first firm in offer Android 10 update to mid-range terminals, Often opens shops for our country …

There are still things to be done, terminals to try and enjoyment improvements.

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