Tuesday , May 11 2021

WHO reports increasing cases of measles in the world

"We are backwards" recognized by the World Health Organization.

Cases of measles have risen by more than 30% in the world in 2017 compared to 2016 and left 110,000 dead, the World Health Organization reported on Thursday.

The most important epidemics of this disease were discovered on the American continent, in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Europe, "which suggests that we are going backwards," explained Martin Friede, who heads the WHO Vaccination Department in front of the media.

"The number of reported cases of measles has peaked in 2017, and several countries have suffered severe and prolonged outbreaks of the disease," the organization said in a statement.

For Dr. Seth Berkeley, executive director of the vaccine alliance (Gavi), this increase in cases is not surprising.

In Europe, there is "false information about the vaccine", while in countries like Venezuela, the increase is caused by the "health system collapse" and in Africa to the "low coverage" of vaccination campaigns, explains Berkeley.

In many developed countries, distrust of vaccines has increased due to campaigns linking these treatments to phenomena such as autism.

"In the absence of rapid efforts to increase vaccine coverage and detect populations that show an unacceptable level of subculation or non-vaccination in children, we risk removing decades of advancement in protecting children and communities from this disease is catastrophic, but perfectly to avoid it, "said Dr. Sumia Swaminathan, deputy general director in charge of WHO programs.

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