No doubt, dark mode is as expected at Whatsapp, the preferred messaging application in Latin America, Spain and many other countries around the world. Facebook – which it bought a few years ago – is working hard to implement it, especially after the arrival of iOS 13 which supports it naturally in the operating system.

But there are ways to access dark mode and see the work that is being done by engineers and developers of WhatsApp, from beta versions of the app to a small group of people accessing testing, error reporting, and new features improvements before which have been released to the general public.

In the version 2.19.298 You can see progress in these areas by approaching dark application mode in the near future. Once activated on the keyboard and on the sticker package, they continue to work in the chat area, improving the way they look and optimize the color of some of the most common elements in the graphical interface.

The picture comes through the posting WaBetaInfo, which usually publish the last details of each advance that is activated Whatsapp In the near future.

The dates on which they will finally activate the dark mode in the application are unknown, but given the intense use made by millions of people around the world, having the ability to activate it, especially at night, with the lights off. Extremely welcome, especially from our eyes.