Monday , October 21 2019
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WhatsApp changes you will not like much

Among the messaging applications, without a doubt, WhatsApp is most commonly used. Although it is always rumored that it will become a paid "app," this is rejected again and again, although 2019 will see a change that will not be met by everyone.

In the past, subscriptions have been sold to use the system, and now in the quest to generate more money, WhatsApp will include advertising, as reported by the Facebook offices that own the application.

Of course, you do not have to pay, but in some way a transaction will be performed when you need to see the notifications. In any case, it will not be excessively invasive, but as it is done on Instagram, it will appear among the states and stories of people, all in the search for injecting money into the social network.

First in the United States

The form will be simple, after seeing a few stories, big companies will pay advertising space.

Changes will start first in the US, and it is expected that the first quarter of next year will be implemented in our country, as well as in the rest of South America.

According to experts, this attempt to fill their coffers may have to do with what has been happening Facebook lately, those who saw the exodus of users after the scandal in Cambridge Analytics and data leakage, which gave As a result, a sharp drop in the stock market from mid-2018.

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