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"What you call Colo Colo is always motivating" "PressFootball

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Ronald de la Fuente, the new signing of "Cassique" from Universidad de Concepción, was presented at the monumental stadium. On his arrival, the side was pleased with the reception of his teammates, and also noted that he was ready for a challenge of this type.

Colo Colo finished his second signing under the command of Mario Salas. On the arrival of Gabriel Costa, Ronald de la Fuente joined, to the left of the University of Concepcion, where he made an excellent campaign, which deserved to be chosen as the best in his position last season.

In that sense, it is that the 28-year-old was anticipated in the face of this new challenge. "My expectations about this step in my career are the highest, I'm ready to work and I'm available to the teacher." "I went to the club that came in. I have the confidence and I hope to get to the task." I will give 100% to the club , so this is a great year for Colo Colo, "he said.

Asked about the moment he decided on Kolo Kolo, the sidekick admitted that "it was something very fast." When the one who calls you Colo Colo is always motivating, there's an extra plus. I understood the interests of them. I talked to Professor Mario and convinced me. "

On the other hand, he also spoke about the position of the left back, which was a constant headache in Colo Colo. "I do not know if they are (lateral) so rare. There are big lateral, Cornejo, Campos Toro. I hope that he will be the one who is listed for Kolo Kolo, I want to win a position, pick up my shirt and not let go," he said .

He also clarified that it is a great challenge to wear a Colo Colo shirt. "Without a doubt, it's not the same as wearing a Colo Colo shirt than from another club. You have to be prepared for the task, everything I've experienced, prepared me to give the best of me and take this" heavy "backpack, he concluded.

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