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What will be the 5 most wanted digital works in 2019?

In recent years, a concept that until recently was completely unknown has become popular: on digital nomads.

This movement of young people armed with a laptop and a good Internet connection – who refuse to work in the office and want to do it remotely – are just the tip of the iceberg of a series of new professions, work fields, and even life-forms that are born thanks to new technologies.

And they all have something in common: its foundation is the Internet and the digital economy.

Several companies specializing in digital talent have already placed their bets on what will be the professional profiles for which we will talk about the next year.

These are some of them.

1. CyberSecurity Specialist

According to a survey published on December 12 by Robert Half Technology, one of the world's largest technology recruitment companies, what is most needed in 2019 is cyber security specialists.

"The professors of data security, information, networks and cloud security they are in demand because companies are increasingly relying on data about their daily business operations, "the report in the CIO Technology Technology Journal said.

"These professionals ensure that the company's information initiatives are safe from potential threats inside and outside the organization."

"And they must keep up with industry compliance regulations, future security trends and ensure that the company's hardware, software and networks remain safe."

But besides protecting data and preventing massive attacks, they must also Avoid large leakage without ending the compromising user privacy.

2. Blocking programmer

The blockbuster will be, according to Robert Polovina Technology, the second most wanted digital field in 2019.

And LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social network, says it is the fastest growing sector of employment. The company says the demand for blockbuster developers It has increased 33 times last year in the United States.

This type of technology is key to the development of cryptographies: each one is based on what is known as technology. distributed accounting (DLT). And the blockbuster is the most popular.

It is a sort of decentralized database that can be translated into Spanish as "chain of blocks" and which group information contained in sets (blocks).

At present, interest continues to grow, although there are several specialized professionals. In fact, one of Google's most asked questions this year was "What is bitcoin?"

However, LinkedIn chief economist Guy Berger explained in the blog of the company that "only time will tell if the block will be a long-term trend in the global market."

3. Machine learning engineer

"Artificial intelligence is here to stay," says Berger.

"That does not mean that robots will steal your work, but it's likely that they will continue to grow in fields and functions related to artificial intelligence."

Berger says six of the 15 new jobs in 2018 are linked to artificial intelligence in some way, and his research shows that "it's starting to penetrate in all industries, not just technology"

He also explained that skills related to machine learning increased by 190% between 2015 and 2017.

According to the Skopje report, Apple, Intel and NVIDIA they are the main companies in the United States. who are looking for engineers for machine learning.

And Robert Polovic's technology also provides in his research that this sector will be key in 2019.

4. Cloud Architect

The architecture of cloud computing (also known for its English term, cloud) has become a method that many companies prefer to store their data.

That's why architects of the cloud (or architects) cloud) are among the most sought-after digital works.

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<p itemprop=These professionals are responsible for managing the cloud of an organization, that is, creating servers, platforms, storage solutions and models of cloud systems, in addition to the leading changes involved in the adoption of this technology for a company.

Their pay is usually high: earning an average $ 125,000 a year, according to PayScale.

According to Robert Half Technology, cloud computing is a technology skill in which most workers in the sector are trained in the United States.

The world cloud It's growing. Security, computing and cloud architects will see the take-off demand.

5. An analyst for business intelligence

The fifth most-wanted profile for the next year will be analysts for business intelligence. But what is its function?

These professionals mainly deal with analyze data that the company used to make decisions.

Your job is to maximize the usefulness of the data.

These types of specialists have computer skills and business intelligence, which is the ability to transform data into information that can be used to optimize costs, analyze profitability or enter new markets, among other things.

"It's a role of increased significance, because businesses go from collecting data to make it meaningful," the CIO report says.

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