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What role does healthy nutrition play in combating cancer?

January 1, 2019 07:27

Convinced that the conventional cancer treatment he sustained would directly damage his immune system, the late former instructor of TVN reality reality "Peloton", Rene O'Shann, publicly admitted that he did not "follow the instructions" and that he refused to live eight months with chemotherapy.

"I just said:" I will not poison, because I learned, I learned, I was researching, and it would lead me to die in eight months or, at most, for a year, "said the former military tank." Talk with the animators Rafael Areneda and Caroline de Moras in 2017.

According to O'Shan, the solution to the fight against his disease was diet and therefore, from the time he was diagnosed, decided to eat organic, using natural products and leaving aside carbohydrates, nutrients that – assured – they feed malignant cells.

But is it possible to fight cancer with just one diet? "In principle, the answer is not (…) When the cancer has already been generated, healthy eating will not improve," says Carlos Rojas, oncologist at the Clinic Universidad de Los Andes. In this sense, a specialist explains that cancer is a very complex disease in which tumor cells have multiple mechanisms to survive in situations of stress.

In this way, the elimination of any foods from the diet, for example, sugar, is not a problem for them and "they manage to resort to generating other forms of energy that enable them to maintain their metabolism smoothly."

Of course, Rojas acknowledges that healthy eating effectively helps cancer patients better tolerate conventional therapy. "People who receive chemotherapy, for example, eat healthy, have much less discomfort, tolerate better treatments, have less abdominal swelling, etc. That is, there are several factors that are favored by a good diet, but it is a complement, so the treatment in general is working well, and not as a treatment on its own, "the oncologist said.

Carlos Rojas explains that for a cancer patient, good nutrition should not be hypocaloric because it will cause malnutrition, but needs to provide an adequate amount of protein so that a person can generate his own choices, and thus be able to have adequate support for the disease and treatment.

"Good nutrition is a balanced diet where there are foods that can be consumed without restrictions and others that are limited, but if they are eaten in a certain range, it is not a problem." "A poor diet," says a specialist.

However, the doctor emphasizes that the diet plays an "extremely important" role in preventing the disease. "People who have a healthy diet get sick less than cancer than people who have a Western ban, rich in fried foods, carbohydrates and refined sugars, healthy eating, healthy living, exercise, no smoking, no alcohol or very little alcohol. are mechanisms that are effective in preventing the development of cancer, "he concludes.

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