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"What regret can not be stored alone"

"Everyone on the street saw how my ex-partner harassed me psychologically and physically." Janina Khalabi, some time ago, recalled her account at Instagram, a link she had with Patricio Laguna, who in 2018 ended with a verdict in favor of educating their two children.

Halabi returned to the topic in the social network and published a story that reads "Unfortunately for my release … but that can not be more Maricón, the father of my children, who does not allow them to speak well with me and ask me for retirement … What a mournful thing can not be left alone that he wants to continue to take money from me. "

Then, the animator released a new photo, in the same line of the previous message. "Let me work to pay the bills of my ex-husband and my children. Come on," he wrote.

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