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What is the significance of the symbol left by the White Walker in the Game of Thrones?

While waiting for the premiere of the second episode of last season Game of Thrones, we continue to analyze the details that left us the first episode "Winter is Here", which, although it was rather short and without much exciting arousal, left us a postcard to remind us.

We're talking about Ned Umber, the guy who runs Uber's house, who was killed by insensitive white pedestrians to send a terrible signal to anyone who has seen it.

True worshipers will have no trouble remembering and remembering that symbol in an upsetting way on the wall he appeared earlier in the series, not one, but several times.

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This pattern has already been used by the White Walker in the third season Locate the carcasses of horses that way

The same symbol appears at least twice as many: once in the views of Bran Stark, only when he sees it As children from the forest create white passages. There it is noted that the stones form a spiral around the tree.

Then It's John who reveals the model in the caves of Dragston and portrays it to Danny, assuring it is a sign that marks the struggle between Children and Men against the White Passage.

What does that mean?

The creators of the show stressed that "these are models that have a mystical meaning for the children of the forest. We are not sure exactly what they think, but spiral patterns are important in many different cultures of our world, and it makes sense that they are also in this world. "

Some fans believe that white pedestrians use them to show they have not forgotten their origin, while others believe it it's a symbol that we use to control time. In this way, as they advance on the map, winter moves with them.

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