Sunday , May 16 2021

What is the best way to get a sedentary person to start moving?

The fastest way to move a sedentary person is to inform them of the specific dangers that health risks imply, suggests a recent report.

In the study, the researchers surveyed 615 adults from Australia aged 18 to 77 for their levels of physical activity, besides their knowledge of the benefits of exercise and the dangers of inactivity.

Although 99.6 percent of respondents strongly agree that physical activity has health benefits, most do not know what all diseases are related to inactivity.

"Most people know that physical activity is good for health, few know the specific benefits of physical activity for health, and perhaps that specific knowledge is what positively affects the behavior of their physical activity," says academic leader Stephanie Choppe of the University of Queensland in Australia, according to HealthDay News.

On average, participants in the research correctly identified about 14 out of 22 disorders associated with lack of physical activity. But almost 56 percent did not know how much physical activity was needed for health, and 80 percent did not know what the chances of developing the disease due to inactivity.

The study appears in the online edition of the November 28, PLoS One magazine.

The researchers said that there was also a significant link between knowledge about illnesses related to inactivity and the level of physical activity of a person. "The more you know about these issues, the more physical activity you will likely do," the press release said in a press release.

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