Thursday , May 6 2021

What happened to Angelica Castro? Concerned viewers after reading difficulties with difficulty | Notes

It was 20.06 hours, and the animators of Don Francisco and Telethon climbed onto the platform where the calculation was read, to find out what's the amount so far.

The leader of the Crusade was charged to give: $ 13,495,297,805.

At that time, Mario Kreitsberger came to Angelika Castro's microphone to repeat the image, something that cost him enough. The question is whether this is because she was excited, because the figure is far from the target; or simply because it costs him to read it.

The truth is that Francisco Saavedra had to support her, saying the sentence in her ear, and she repeated in a broken voice, then left the image with the driver of Talking places who hugged her

When asked what happened to Castro about it, Panco told us that "She got emotional, she's hit, she thinks we will not succeed."

In social networks, his participation was completely commented on, and several were even worried and sent messages that assured him that the goal would be achieved.

Check the moment below:

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