Tuesday , July 27 2021

What happened to Alexis Sanchez's house where he would live with Mayte?

It's been four months since Alexis Sanchez and Mayte Rodríguez announced the breakdown of their relationship to social networks. While everyone has continued their lives, there is still suspicion about what happens to the luxurious house that a football player builds to live with his ex-pop.

On the morning of Chileis, La Maniana spoke with journalist Luis Sandoval, who carefully monitored the progress of the house and gave details of how the property progresses to date.

He said the house worth 5 billion pesos already has progress of 90% and that although Alexis is no longer with Mayte, he continues to visit the place to monitor the details.

According to Sandoval, Carolina's daughter Arregoi participated in much of the decoration, and the Manchester United striker had demanded that blue, green and red neon lights be placed around the house.

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