Monday , August 2 2021

We will see a familiar face in The Punisher 2

Marvel and Netflix's attentive fans: Deborah El-Wahl, known for playing Karen Paid's journalist during the three seasons of the Darevil and the Defenders crossover, will return to the second season in the history of the anti-heroic wonder of the world's streaming platform: The abuser.

The information was confirmed by one of the film directors, Steve Lytfut. The writer confirmed that Ann Walt's role will appear in the second part of The Punisher and will be "a key role in the continuation of the story of Frank Castle (John Bentral)," says the entertainment show ScreenRant.

As in the first season of a series that was not in the original plans of anyone, it is expected that the role of the actress refers to several performances, not a regular role in it. However, when asked about this information, managers did not confirm or deny the claim.

Lightfoot also confirmed that the recording was performed simultaneously with the shooting of Daredavil 3. "Deborah has a big role this season. She was very busy and did not know if I could introduce her to the show this time," she said, adding, "In the world of the series, the relationship between Karen and Frank continues to be very important."

It is estimated that the second season of the Punisher will go up next year with the third part of Jessica Jones. For the future of both, nothing is known. It is likely that after their arrival in the catalog, both productions have the same fate as "Daredwill," "Luke Cage," and "Iron Fist". However, nothing has been said.

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