Saturday , July 31 2021

"We do not know what happened"

It was on the public road joining the community of Juan Colio with La Colonia Rodriguez, in Ersila, the region of La Araucania, where the body of Luno Juan Mendoza Lebu appeared on the night of December 31, abandoned on public roads. His death immediately ignited the warnings in the communities in the area and in research organisms.

FDI personnel came to the site to perform the first expert reports, and, according to Rodrigo Pizarro, commissioner of the Temuco brigade brigade, "it was found that he had various injuries attributed to third parties". The victim was not seen for more than a week by his relatives, who asked them to investigate the circumstances in which the authority of Mapuche from the Erkylla community in the applicant Pilan had died.

Maria Mendoza Kolio, a relative of Lonko, said that "the only thing that's clear is that he has been missing days, we do not know what happened to him, but just like justice … there is no for us."

So far, the police and prosecution investigations have focused on expressing witnesses and identifying evidence gathered at the scene. In addition, it will be the key to the development of the case that determines the autopsy of the deceased's body, the diligence that is under development and is carried out by the Legal Medical Service (SML).

Aucan Huilkan, an international council adviser to all countries, said that "we complain about the death of the community from the community of Repen Pillan." In this zone, continuous rivalry continues with the non-Mapuche people with whom there are land disputes. We demand that we clarify all the facts " .

Another predecessor in the investigation is that a week ago the Mendoza family filed a complaint about an alleged misfortune. They even investigate possible disputes within the same community.

Victor Manoli, Governor of Malé, explained that "this procedure is given to FOIA and they, together with the prosecution, are trying to clarify the case. Since there are speculations that a member of the community died due to intervention by third parties, we must leave it clear the police ".

Emigration and incidents

In addition, the problems between communities and forest plots continue in this area. Of the seven farms of companies and individuals taken from members of the communities of Erzilla, one of them was expelled today by the Special Forces of Karabineros, leaving a balance of four people arrested and three injured by a pellet attack at the entrance on the property of the Herderer family, in the sector of Pailaheke.

In the same way, the municipalities of Ersila and Teodoro Schmidt remain occupied. The municipality of La Araucanía filed two complaints against those responsible. "We called for the State Security Act," said Mayor Jorge Aton.

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