Friday , July 30 2021

"We can not put people in jail"

National Renewal President Mario Desbord, referring to the law criminalizing denial, Desbords said he did not agree to punish them with jail. "I am against continuing to add prison sentences for crimes, we can not continue to put people in prison unless there are serious crimes," he said.

According to a deputy who attended the TVN national program on Sunday, the national left is inadequate in supporting dictatorships in other countries, citing the case of Cuba as an example and condemning what happened in Chile.

"It can not be valid to support the violation of human rights," the parliamentarian said, adding "what happens at the University of Chile (where there is a canvas that alludes to Castro Castro) is not that a negativism?"

The president of the RN addressed the statements of Manuel Jose Osandon, who said that Deputy Camilla Flores was the wrong party after claiming to be a "pinchist". "I think Osandon is wrong, Camilla was very clear in condemning human rights."

Faced with the question of whether anyone can be "Pinochet" and condemned human rights violations, Desbord said "I understand that yes, you can, just as you can condemn human rights violations and praises (Fidel)" Castro. "

Another issue that was covered in the TVN area was Jose Antonio Cast's possible presidential candidacy, whom the deputy invited him to take part in the party's preliminary elections.

"I would like Jose Antonio to assess the possibility of being in preliminary elections in Chile, Vamos, but that means that he will adhere to our declaration of principles," he said and was determined to point out that "José Antonio is not an adversary whose 7% for God who helped us in the second round. Let's not forget and not forget that the opponent is ahead. "

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