Monday , June 14 2021

Visit of Carlos Menem to his son, Máximo

The health condition of the son of Cecylia Bolocco, Maksym, mobilized the Mena family. After it became public that the 14-year-old had a tumor on his head that had to be removed, Carlos, Zulema and Carlos Nair began applying for a permit to travel to Chile and were present on the day of the surgical intervention.

The former president of Argentina arrived on Friday afternoon after the authorization of the Argentine judicial authority to leave his country for five days, which was approved by the police investigation (PDI).

After going through immigration control Menemowie moved to the clinic in Las Condes, where they arrived around 19:00, said Glamorama. Once he was in the clinic, the former president talked to the medical team for about 15 minutes, who was responsible for the intervention, and then leave the place.

During his visit, he could not see his son Máximo, who was sleeping, and also did not meet with Cecilia Bolocco.

Carlos Menem would return to the clinic this Saturday at 12:00, thirty minutes before the new medical report on the health of the young man.

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