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Virgo – Monday, December 24, 2018: sentimental arrangement

Astrological news: The moon is in the sign of Leo, and all planets are direct, with the exception of Uranus that follows a retrograde in Aries. Your regent, the planet Mercury, continues in Sagittarius.

In the afternoon you need to prepare for a bit of annoying meeting or an inevitable dedication with whom you have to share socialally for dinner, and that does not fit well with you. Apply your social touch and do not let the circumstances overwhelm you.

You are at the ideal moment for love in all its manifestations. If you were looking for a partner, you will soon find it. If you already have one, enjoy your relationship and get ready for the new year 2019 that comes with good vibration.

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You will notice how seemingly lost time will help you to make better decisions both in your work and in sentimental things. Do not be afraid. It's an occasion to think about a meeting of friends in the house

Your sign of color when there is harmony. If you feel anxious or nervous, look around. You may have too many objects that do not have to occupy that space. The unmanaged house creates anxiety, fear and causes a nervous imbalance.

Expect work within a few days. That interview will give good results, but do not be impressed by the negative people who approach you with gossip and gossip because it does not suit you. Underdeveloped people tend to be with everyone, and if you trust them with a secret, you will be disappointed.

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Money and wealth
An unexpected expense is looming, so go get yourself and set aside some money within your budget so as not to get caught out of the guard. With little forethought there will be no problems. Fortunately, you will have in your hands all the resources to carry out your financial affairs.

Astral Biorhythms Today
The level of sexual energy this Monday: strong, intense.
Cosmic dynamics you need to use: the touch of energy that you feel is early to solve whatever happens during the day.
Today's dangerous trend in the sign Virgo: to look too much for yourself.
What should I avoid ?: Excesses in taking responsibility for neglecting the necessary rest.

Predicting a couple today for Monday
The best thing today: this Monday things will go very well for you if your partner is a watermark.
The most tense connection: it may appear with someone from Aries.
Your current compatibility: there is a good wave of compatibility with all the characters of your item at all.
If you are singles or single: soon you will find situations that you have been very confused in the past few days, starting a wonderful relationship that will be strengthened in the next 2019.

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