Friday , April 16 2021

VIDEO | OFFICIAL: La Gata's Magic comes in the League of Legends as its new champion

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After the first official review was announced this morning, Riot Games was officially presented Yumi, The magical kitten as his new fighters, to be added to Ripley's caller and who will play the role of unruly curious support.

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Some time ago, Riot Games revealed the exclusive development of the new champion who will come in the League of Legends. With a magic book as his only reference, the studio announced that the new magic stand will arrive in the ranks of Summoner's Crevice and is officially here today.

Yumi is a champion of magical damage, which begins with the task of seeking an owner. This curious kitten will arrive with a new mechanics in her skill set with which she plans to give more variety of support.


Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter Coverage

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