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VIDEO: Astronomers discover a strange "empty waste bin" that chaotic flying into space

A group of astronomers have discovered a mysterious object that orbits Earth around a "chaotic" way, and it can enter the atmosphere of our planet within a few months.

London Observatory Observatory in London reports that the A10bMLz object was first seen on January 25 using the ATLAS telescope, located in Hawaii, USA. Specialists at that observatory think that it is "a piece of lightweight material", probably a metal paper left after the launch of the rocket, but they do not know when and where that launch took place.

Astronomers called the A10bMLz object as "an empty garbage bag"That mysterious body will be a few feet wide and weigh less than 1 kilogram." The uniqueness of this object is that it orbits Earth around the Earth "unusual and retrograde" orbit, at an average distance of 262,000 kilometers.

"The orbit is very elliptical, with a perigee only 600 km above the surface of the earth and the apogee is 1.4 times out of the moon, "said the observatory, noting that the small mass of A10bMLz makes it subject to pressure from solar radiation, changing its orbit in a" chaotic way. " time scales from days to weeks"

As a result, astronomers emphasize that it is impossible to predict the future of the trajectory of the object. Although they do not exclude that I can returned to the Earth's atmosphere within a few months.

"In the moment, we have no idea of ​​origin"on A10bMLz, the projector Pluto also insists that there are no data on the recent lunar flight, but rather compares the orbit of an object with a plastic bag.

"That's the most because of that his past trajectory is really uncertain. As an empty garbage bag on the street, it can move the zig-zag on unpredictable ways (moved from the wind), explains the Pluto Project, without speculating when it can hit the Earth or Moon or leave the Earth-Moon system. "

It is not the first time that a "empty object for garbage bags" orbiting our planet is found, but the first orbit is so distant.

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