Tuesday , January 19 2021

Vial loses in Colo Colo

Leonidas Vial's intention to prevent Colo Colo's social club and sport from exercising its right to have two directors (therefore, two votes) in "Black and White", will not be able to materialize. This is because the Santiago Chamber of Commerce has decided to reject the application lodged by Renta ST Limitada, which tried to disqualify representatives of the corporation in the Albo directory.

The reason for the vial to be canceled is the alleged pledge of shares between the former president of Blanco and Negro, Anibal Mossa and the Social Club. His argument was that this affected the choice of a businessman from Puerto Rico as a breadwinner at Casice. The lawsuit is from April 2017.

In a document released yesterday, it is explained that the evidence presented by the plaintiff was insufficient. Therefore, according to the article signed by Judge Luz Maria Jordan Astaburugaga, "it is decided to reject the claim from Rentas ST Limitada, at no cost (…), each party must bear the costs of the arbitration with half." It is, except to pay for the trial between the two sides, nothing has happened.

The reaction was prompt in the corporation and immediately issued a statement stating the decision. "We deeply appreciate that the verdict is adapted to the law, by ratifying the full trust the club has held at any time regarding the clarity of the arguments of our defense," reported on its website.

For his part, Edmundo Walladares, chairman of the sports club, agrees with the decision. "We appreciate the trust of the partners. We hope this is a milestone that will bolster the progress that this institution has and continue in Kolo Kolo," he commented. The third.

Can the decision be decisive for the next election for President of the Black and White? "In our minute we will analyze the election scenario and we will raise our own proposals. The representative we have chosen on this occasion will have to make the best decision given the best Kolo Kolo project," said Walladres.

With this, the two representatives of the Corporation can be held at the black and white shareholders meeting on April 29, which may mean a certain movement in the presidency, as the extrammonian Anibal Mossa has already expressed interest in returning the place, exchanging Gabriel Ruiz Tegle , a representative of the Vial Bloc.

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