Tuesday , August 3 2021

Venezuelan marriage injured after explosion in Vickyna McKenna – National

Venezuelan marriage injured after explosion in Vickunya Makena

The man manipulated the bag containing the explosive device while with his wife at the Transantiago bus station.

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Among the five wounded left from The blast occurred on Vickyna McKenna Avenue there it is marriage of Venezuelan nationality, which resulted in the most serious injuries.

Rolando Olivar Torres Para and Magali del Carmen Vale Brito They were at 11.45 this morning at the bus station of Vickyna Maken with Curicó, waiting for the transitanio bus when they found the bag on which the explosive device was located.

Hannah Torres, daughter of the couple, explained how the blast occurred: "My dad told me they saw the envelope on the floor and took it to leave it on the seat, then exploded."

The couple was injured. Rolando with burns on his face and Magali with a metal of twenty centimeters placed in the thigh. The woman was successfully operated and both recovered at the Central Post.


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