Saturday , July 31 2021

Up to 60 houses destroyed by forest fires in Limacce | National

Sixty homes were destroyed in Limacce in a forest fire that generated a great allocation of resources and a tough fight of several hours to control this state of emergency, which maintains the Red Alert to the municipality and which has spent 12 hectares of vegetation.

Although the official cadastre has not yet been released, Valparaís regional mayor, Jorge Martínez, has reported that more than a hundred people have been affected, a figure that increased to 250 according to municipal employees.

As a result, a shelter in the Los Maitas Primary School was opened to affected families.

Limacce Mayor Daniel Morales said the site was collecting and it was detailed that the necessary elements were toilets and underwear.

But not only Limasshi has a red signal, the same measure weighs on Villa Alemana.

Pablo Ovalle | UN agency
Pablo Ovalle | UN agency

According to Onemy's latest report, a wildfire called "Final El Progreso", which spread out a surface to be confirmed on 43 hectares of pastures, shrubs and trees on the border of both cities.

In addition, the mayor also remembers a fire that affects Santo Domingo, one who cares about his proximity to the populated sectors.

This area remains under the communal "Red Alerta", where the flame spends 700 hectares.

There is also a red warning in Casablanca, Puchunkavi, Nogales, Vijayas del Mar, Valparaiso and Kilpou.

On the other hand, nine communes in the region are with Yellow Alert.

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