Sunday , May 16 2021

"University is not for everyone"

This week, thousands of young Chileans surrendered Test for university selection, an evaluation that determines the entry of students into higher education.

Since this test was conducted in 2003, many have raised doubts about its effectiveness. One of these critics is the astronomer Jose Maza, who says he is "How bad as many more than one could do it. Measure certain skills, do not measure others."

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"PSU is the focus of all schools and unfortunately the high school in Chile is" PSUsó ", which means everything is put into operation by the PSU. What goes into the PSU is good, which does not go, that is to be a decent person, reading poetry, listening to beautiful music does not fit into the PSU, so there is no reason for studying in the school"Commentary by La Theresa astrophysicist.

At this point, he adds, everything that is learned in schools is for PSU. "In that sense The guilt has no pig, but those who give poison"

Mazza also expressed concern about differences in national results between men and women: "Chile has a huge debt in the education of women. Women are very talented and do not educate them. Why, I have no idea, but the figures show that the performance of women in the PSU is much worse than the work of men. "

He also teaches the National Prize for Accurate Science 1999 claims that there should be quality technical education institutes: "The university is not for everyone (…) The doctor, a guy whose life at some point will be in his hands, we want to be a cock with very complete knowledge and that Be intelligent and know how to resolve situations. We want doctors really to be the best of our own. "

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"Chile, to get out of underdevelopment, must get out of mediocrity. Chile can not be a country where you put a beer cap, so the table will not be " concluded Mazza.

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