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UK "worried" about Huawei's participation in the British 5G | Technology

British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson expressed "great concern" over the participation of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei in the development of 5G technology in the United Kingdom, the British press reported on Thursday.

Williamson is very worried about the fact that "Huawei supplies the 5G network in the United Kingdom. That's something that needs to be examined very carefully," the minister said during a visit to Ukraine, quoted by The Times.

Huawei, one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile equipment and services, is in the forefront of the West for its alleged links to Chinese intelligence services. However, the company and the Chinese government refuse any co-operation for espionage purposes.

"We need to recognize the fact that (…) the Chinese state sometimes acts in a harmful way," said Gavin Williamson.

The participation of Huawei in the development of 5G in the United Kingdom was called into question in early December by the head of the foreign intelligence services of the United Kingdom (MI6), Alex Younger. Recently, the British telecommunications group BT pointed out that it had terminated the use of Huawei's equipment for its mobile network.

The Chinese company also had to face in recent months the rejection of their equipment in USA, Australia, New Zealand, France or Germany.

5G, the future of mobile telephony that needs to offer a much wider range, will lead the digital transition of economies, from autonomous vehicles to artificial intelligence. Huawei wants to become a world leader in its development.

In the United Kingdom, the development of this technology must go through a large-scale testing phase in the West Midlands region (center), where Birmingham, the country's second-most populated city, is located.

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