Monday , August 2 2021

UDI sets the "maximal sanction" for Boric's ethics committee

The first political controversy since 2019 is the protagonist of deputy Gabriel Bohr (MA).

The video posted on Monday by former presidential candidate Jose Antonio Casta via Twitter showed that the autonomous MP smiles with a shirt with the image of the late UDI senator, Jaime Guzman, with two bullets in his forehead, which caused a wave of criticism.

Together with the apology, Boric explained that day on the same social network for what he received from a surprising t-shirt during an interview in mid-2017. "It was quite a surprise and, as a result, my reaction was not adequate, because I very much appreciated what I rejected." He added that "as I said before, I condemn his murder without any nuances."

Meanwhile, in the meantime, in order to consult this way, the MP added that "I am taking the mistake and sincerely apologize to those who legitimately felt offended."

His explanations were not enough for the UDI caucus, who today agreed to request a statement from the House of Commons, urging the body to apply a "maximum sanction" – up to 15% of the diet and censorship written – against the former student leader.

In the text – to which La Tercera has access – the UDI parliamentarians claim that "we are faced with an apparent demonstration that deputy Boric, in relation to this cruel murder and his perpetrators, is an accomplice who definitely supports and celebrates this crime happened in a democracy , and he denies this with a shameless and unacceptable political cynicism. " Lawmakers accuse that the revealed image shows "in a clear way in expressing facial Machiavellian pleasure, giving them the opportunity to understand his approval for this publicity."

"We ask Boris, at least once in his political career, to take a masculine position and announce what he thinks about Guzman's crime," another paragraph of the request says, where the unionist group questions the reliability of the FA legislator, pointing out that "his actions do not coincide with his last statements, which allows us to think that his word has the same value as the currency of Venezuela. We demand consequence, masculinity and sincerity for public opinion and this example."

In his address, Udini quoted as a precedent for reviewing a meeting that Boric and his wife Maya Orsini (RD) held in early September, with one of those convicted of the death of Guzman, Ricardo Palma Salamanca, a fugitive. of Justice and Asylum in France.

This meeting also served as a basis for complaints by the Judicial Council of Judges in the Ethics Committee, where the admissibility of the complaint presented by the Unionist Group was approved in November, but the fund has not yet been analyzed. According to committee members, the case was not analyzed pending consideration of the written complaints presented by the defendants, but may be considered on Thursday, when the instance will meet at 9.30 am in Valparaiso. In addition, the same sources explained that the verdict for this case should be firm during the first half of January.

The origin of controversy

A little more than 13 minutes later the conversation lasts that in June 2017, Boric was held for a cycle of interviews called "Drive", where the driver deals with various public figures "the most important and influential discs of their lives," according to their exhibitions. channel creators on YouTube.

At the end of the program, it is noted that the driver "Huaniya" gives him the shirt of Boric, created in 2016 by Del Mall, located in Persa Bio Bio. The creator of the picture posted on his Facebook page last June Boris's picture with his shirt in his hands, and also announced other creations: Gusman-like-like shirts, but with photographs by Lucia Hiriart and Jose Antonio Cast.

The latter, in any case, was a protagonist in April 2018 for a shirt episode. In the presentation of his movement, the Republican action was photographed with a devotee who carried a T-shirt with allusions to the helicopter of the Caravan of Death.

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