Saturday , July 31 2021

Two men shot dead rescuers for delaying the rescue of Playa Huayquique – National

Two men were hit by rescuers who blame the delay in rescuing girls

The events took place on the Huayquique beach, with those involved formalized in the Iquique Guarantee Court. Tvn


This Tuesday's rage day had two men identified as O.I.L. and P.LL. at Huayquique Beach on Iquique

After rescuing a 12-year-old juvenile from the savior, the two subjects, the girl's relatives, They were defeated by a professional who claimed to have resigned a lot in rescue.

In a conversation with Soy Iquique, the captain of the Porto de Iquique, Felipe Torres, informed him The two aggressors were arrested by naval police personnel.

In addition, Torres noted that the girl was taken out of water without sequelae, demonstrating the successful action of a rescuer who found injuries at the Iquique Regional Hospital.

The two men were formalized this Wednesday before the local warranties court, remaining with precautionary measures to ban the victim's approach and pay 1 UTU in favor of an elderly shelter.


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