Saturday , May 8 2021

TVN did not renew Amparo Noguera after 24 years on the channel

Outside services in different television areas are beginning to complete fixed contracts. So at least this happens inside TVN.

A few months ago, Maria Elena Sweet, who did not renew the channel, is now the row of one of the historic actresses of the station.

It is about Amparo Noguera, which was part of the successful television series such as "Roman", "Pampa Illusion", "Los Pincheira" and "El Labarente de Alicia", among others.

Through a statement, TVN explained that, however, He looks forward to having it in future projects.

"We appreciate and appreciate your huge professional and human contribution, and We regret that the current circumstances prevent us from holding a permanent contract with her. For the same reason, we hope we can renew it with her and we count on her talent as soon as a new project is launched, "they said.

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