Sunday , May 16 2021

Train in Good Rails: Ferrocarriles del Estado takes cheerful accounts thanks to passenger rising | Economy

The Financial Statements of the Group EFE (State Railway Company) for the period January-September 2018, it shows a significant increase in its income, mainly driven by an increase in the number of passengers transported from their various services across the country.

In this way, revenue from passenger trains increased by $ 8.099 million, 40% more than in the first three quarters of the previous year. The number of passengers transported in the nine months from 2018 to 34.4 million, 46% more than the same period of 2017, with an increase of around 11 million users.

This increase is registered mainly in services Metrotren and Metrotren Rancagua, operated by Trent Central, whose successful operation accounts for 72% of the total revenue growth in the passenger segment.

Trend Central increased his passenger income by 91%, adding 9.1 million passengers more than in the same period of 2017 and reaching a total of 14.9 million passengers in the nine months of 2018.

Regarding the previous period, the EFE subsidiary, Metro Valparaiso, increased its revenues by 19%, mobilizing 15.3 million passengers and Ferrocacles del Sur, Fezur, at 8%, reached 4.2 million users in that period.

Together with the same lines, the areas of cargo transportation and real estate management also noted an increase in revenues, from 11% and 20% respectively, compared to January-September 2017.

Meanwhile, sales and administration costs during this period increased by 6%, mainly due to higher costs for maintaining a new fleet, as well as road infrastructure and electrical systems, as a result of the increase in rail activity.

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