Monday , August 2 2021

Tomas' aggression on stage Hidden Truth was criticized by followers in social networks TV and show

Thomas (Matthias Oviedo) was living a new special episode in the TV series Hidden Truths On this occasion he was the protagonist of the scene where showed the more aggressive side to Rosio (Camilla Hirane), which generated a series of criticisms in social networks.

Oviedo's character wept for most of the chapter, as he was told that his son, Tomasito, had been pulled out of the current river after falling into the car in which he was riding with villain Leonardo (Carlos Diaz).

The truth is that the child, in reality, encounters the evil Eliana Zapata (Francisco Gavilan), who should assume the role of the chief villain if the character of Diaz lives to die.

But the moment of greatest tension was experienced in the aforementioned scene between Thomas and Rocio, after the man, visibly alienated, told his ex-wife that he would take revenge on her.

The exgalán series of the series created a series of critics in social networks. Some of the followers of the production even said Oviedo's drama was "over-active".

It should be noted that, on Twitter, there are versions of viewers indicating that production can continue until August 2019, although they are just rumors.

These were some of the reactions to the stage.

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