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Toatri Valantin suffered a fierce attack in Pucon

Violent aggression suffered the former Red Boy, Toarii Valantin, while walking with friends through the streets of Pucon on the night of Saturday, February 9th.

By chance, the events happened exactly when the Red Clan was presented at the stage of the Talka festival.

"I fell to the floor"

The singer used his account Instagram to say, through four stories, how he was attacked by strangers.

"I smoke to go, I'm very sorry for what happened to me last night, it can do a lot. Thanks to everyone who sent me messages and asked me how I am. For those who do not know, I went out with my friends yesterday Three cured goats recognized me, and for no reason, they turned around and hit me with a bottle on my head. I fell to the ground, it was wrong, but, thank God, nothing happened to me "He thinks.

In another message, the young man added that although he remains very upset about what happened, fortunately he is good despite the pain.

"Do not worry, I'm fine, my pain hurts, but that's it. Call a porfa, if I go to a taxi is to have fun, not to receive bottles in my head. Kisses at all", he writes.

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