Monday , August 2 2021

Thus, the 201st Independence of Chile was celebrated in Concepción Society

On Tuesday night, Concepcion celebrated the 201st anniversary of Chile's Independence with two simultaneous pyrotechnic programs.

The fireworks, which began at around 22:40 hours, are seen in several Concepcion municipalities, as they were launched by Laguna Redonda and Laguna Lo Galindo.

According to figures from the municipality of Concepción, there were about 70 thousand people who attended both events and who could enjoy a 20-minute firecracker.

The activity, which was broadcast by the local Canal 9 television station, also had animation and live music.

You can see part of the party below:

Independence in Concepcion?

Why does Concepcion celebrate Chile's independence on January 1?

The town of Penquista and Talka are those who argue about where the Independence Act of our country has been signed. In fact, the capital of Maule has its own festival called "La Fiesta de la Independencia".

In a previous note from BioBioChile we said that the documents from the National Library show that the emancipation happened on January 1, 201, Concepción.

This is backed up by a document signed before the notary of Lima, Mr. Baltazar Núñez del Pardo, on October 17, 1842, a few days before his death, where Bernardo O'Higgins, the Chief Executive Officer, stated with his own hand that "in the First of January 1818, as a body of national will, solemnly declared the Independence of Chile in the city of Concepción. "

Later, what happened in Talka on February 12, 1818, a date that coincided with the anniversary of the Battle of Chakabuko was a proclamation, defined as an act "announcing a loud voice to become well known to everyone".

Finally, the same day, in a solemn manner, Chile's independence was proclaimed in all the cities of the country.

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