Saturday , July 31 2021

This was the winner between Nicolas Gavilan and Matthias Gutierrez in Pasapalabra

Nicolás Gavilán was imposed before that Matthias Gutierrez in this new chapter of Pasapalabra in which they were faced with a super-accumulated rose of 76 million pesos.

The participants arrived in the final game with a big difference in time. Captain of blue team, Matthias Gutierrez managed to reach 55 seconds and more that it gives Pasapalabra it was with 140 points to Lily Perez and Rodrigo Villeges, while the captain of the an orange team, Nicolas Gavilan arrived 65 seconds and adding those who gave the program, it was 150, accompanied by Tomás González and Pamela Díaz.

However, the results at the end of Roscoe were very different. Nicholas scored 19 goals and 3 errors, instead Matija managed only 19 hits and 6 red words. Therefore, the student of music who will come to the next chapter will compete 78 million pesos.

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