Wednesday , August 4 2021

This Pokemon "shouting" generator helps you understand how they are created and allows you to design your own

Those of us who play the first generation Pokemon in Game Boy keep a very special memory of this title, in which they invited you to plunge into a monochrome universe full of jealous creatures.

One of the most characteristic aspects of the game is that each Pokémon (or, as we shall see, the vast majority of them) had a unique sound, something that it was a challenge for developers of the time.

Make your own Pokemon sound

When the first Pokémon game arrived, Game Boy did not have the necessary sound capabilities to offer a diverse and spectacular sound. Developers had to invent a system that would slightly change the "cry" of each Pokemon to distinguish them from each other.

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The Explained Retro Game Mechanism, a YouTube channel, made an impressive explanation job how parameters are stored for each Pokemon cry and how they are synthesized in this player's game.

The piston was first explained to us How the Game Boy works, with two pulse channels and one channel for noise. In addition, he also explains why a Pokémon shares the same type of cry.

You can even visualize a wave generated by each "scream"

However, the best part is that they have created an online Pokemon Vick Generator on the Internet with which we can play. That means that we can play and even take the sound of 151 Pokémon which appeared in the first generation of the game.

The good thing about this tool is that we can create our own Pokémon sound (Faecemon), because it gives us the opportunity to change the pitch and duration of each scream. The network design is great and at the top we will see the sound wave that generates the sound of each Pokemon.

As we can see, Pokemon's sounds are different, but not too much. That's why some fans of the game dared to commit a "challenge" on YouTube to try to guess which Pokemon responds to every scream.

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