Monday , October 25 2021

This may be worth the title: Diego Vallejos gave victory to Palestino against Audax for Copa Chile Sport


He had a face 0-0, but Palestino he won the golden triumph from La Florida, beating Audax Italiano 1-0 in the first Copa Chile match.

In italics, it created danger from the sides, thanks to the speed of Sergi Santos and the mobility of Iván Ledezma. "Titi" he suffered for the canceled goal and a balloon that came very close.

On the outsider's side, they counted on decent Julian Fernández and good partnership between César Cortes and Luis Jiménez. "Chester" he had the clearest for his team, but his shot approached the post.

In the second faction "Arabs" withdrew search against, emphasizing the importance of Juan José Riber's students.

Roberto Gutiérrez was close with his right hand in the area in the opposite goal they could not open the account Santos and Osvaldo Bosso.

Finally, at minute 79, Nicolás Díaz he was expelled by a double yellow and the visit had to endure one man less than a tie.

Until the rebates appeared inevitable ex law: the center of Luis Jiménez, the naughty mistake of Joaquin Muñoz and the goal of Diego Vallejosa (92 & # 39;).

Ivo Basay and company, this coming Saturday in La Cisterna, will seek to ratify the minimum benefit of 17 hours.

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