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This is why you will no longer be able to subscribe to Netflix from Apple products

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In fact, at the time it was confirmed by Netflix itself that it no longer supports iTunes as a way of paying for new members who want to register in the online video service. This is something that began to be tested in some markets in August, as we informed you at that time.

Netflix wants to skip the 30% commission imposed by Apple in the App Store

So this is a movement that is already spreading around the world at that time, to the extent that from these moments, all those who want to pay for a subscription to the popular video platform and have access to a product from the signature of an apple, they will have to to do so through the official Netflix website. This is something that includes those used to pay monthly fees monthly through iTunes.

However, although some may not understand the decision made by successful signing of videos on demand, there is a very simple explanation which is also understandable to a large extent. And it is necessary to bear in mind that Apple is connected between 15% and 30% in the subscription within the applications on its platform, where, of course, the official Netflix tool is included.

In fact, this has already been the subject of controversy several times in the past between Apple itself and developers of third-party applications. In this way, and with the change we are in, Netflix can now rip all the revenue of its iOS customers by not having to pay the appropriate percentage of the signature of the apple.

At the same time, after what happened, it is more than likely that the additional money Netflix can earn in order not to share these revenue for Apple subscriptions will be significant, because in fact your application is first on the list in the list iOS applications with higher revenue in these moments.

While avoiding payments through iTunes may affect other smaller applications, it is highly likely that this decision will not affect Netflix subscription numbers (

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